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Our Books' Storylines In The News (updated 12/30/2008) - Our books' storylines stay in the news because we create books that improve lives. Below are just a few important events that our books speak to.
Long Walk Up: The Children's Angel (The Star)
Long Walk Up: Aid for Orphans of Violence (The Journal Gazette)
Long Walk Up: Kenyas Kids of Glue Culture (The Sun)
Portia: Tracey Wing: A Success Story of Modern Cancer Treatment (Kennebec Journal)
Portia: Does Eating More Fruit and Vegetables Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer?
Spiral: After 20 Years in Jail, DNA Evidence Sets Man Free (
Spiral: Almost 14 Years after Campbell Burglary, Woman's Conviction Overturned (The Mercury News)

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SPECIAL NOTICE: Long Walk Up won National Indie Excellence Book Award Finalist in the Multicultural category. Act now. Find out how this book can enrich your life.

UPDATE: Denise's book Long Walk Up was picked up by Lady Pitts School in Milwaukee, WI

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Long Walk Up breaths life into the resiliency of the human spirit . . .
--Yaba Blay, Temple University Department of African American Studies

LONG WALK UP (Award Winning Story) SPIRAL Mystery set in 1940s

Mulukan crawled to the edge of the stand and peered around the corner. She watched the people and searched for an opening, a time when she could mix in with them undetected. That time did not come until nightfall. Everyone except one man was gone away from the market. She ran up to the man like she was his daughter, like he'd been looking for her.

Do you want to learn how to overcome some of life's toughest challenges? Do you want to gain the inspiration to truly live victoriously? I encourage you to read about the journey of a young orphan girl who goes on to become one of the first women presidents in Africa. Long Walk Up

The 1940s was a pivotal period of change. World War II ensued. Anne Frank scribed her diary. The dead sea scrolls were discovered. The ball point pen went on sale. Microwave ovens and polaroid cameras were invented. Duke Ellington and his orchestra filled the air with sweet music. This is the time of Spiral.

When you enter the story that is Spiral, you step inside Greasy Plank, a small town in Memphis, Tennessee. It's the changing 1940s. Jazz and the thirst for peace are big. So too are the secrets Greasy Plank keeps. See what's behind the veil of secrecy in this Memphis town - Spiral!

LOVE HAS MANY FACES (Multicultural fiction)

PORTIA (A rare classic that inspires)

You have built a deep abiding friendship with someone who compliments your personality with their eclectic lifestyle. You think you can trust your friend. Can you?

Two celebrity women live in Chelsea's art district in the 1980s. They are in the city to advance their careers. They have also come to New York in order to distance themselves from their cold mothers. Find out what happens to these two show-stopping women who bring crowds to their feet while on stage but struggle to survive when the curtain's down. Love does have many faces . . . .

The power to heal is rightfully yours! Win the battle against one of the world's greatest challenges!

What would happen in your life if you allowed yourself to begin to heal? Could another woman's struggles provide a key to what you are currently going through?

Portia was written to empower and uplift you. Click the order button and get your copy now!!

Denise's New Writing Tip: Take a "no" or a "not now" to writing that you submit to editors and publishers for what it is. It is not a criticism of you as a person. We are not equipped to judge each other as human beings. We don't even fully know ourselves! So how could we judge someone else! When you receive a "no" or a "not now" to what you write, see if you can receive that feedback as a specific editor or publisher giving you their response. They are not speaking for every editor and every publisher. Bottom line, I encourage you not to allow a "no" or a "not now" from 1 or even 1,000 editors or publishers to define how YOU feel about YOUR work and especially how you feel about YOU. You are far too valuable and have far too much to contribute as an artist to allow a "no" or a "not now" to hold you back. Live boldly! Write with passion and courage!

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