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    Our Visitors' Favorite Internet or/and Offline Books!

    A Woman of Substance by Barbara Taylor Bradford - submitted by Bev Campbell
    A Forgotten Negro League Star: A Personal Look at Al Burrows by Cheryl Robinson
    Martin Meza's Story Time Three Short Stories, Volume I by Martin Meza
    Social Code by Cass Tell - submitted by Mandy Gynt
    The Wilburn Valley by Michael Scott Bostwick - submitted by Barbara
    Wings of an Angel Poetry Collection by Angel Logan - submitted by Hillary Tremaine
    Wold by Paul Judges - submitted by Dave Mortell
    He Who Goes First by Kevin Curtis - submitted by Paul
    Galibrath's Wrath by Edward Trayer - submitted by Sally Redford
    The Difference Now by Cherie Burbach - submitted by Sally Hunt
    Just Past Oysterville by Perry Perkins - submitted by Jack Cathcart
    Guilty Pleasures: Love, Life & Social Drama by Sonya Harris - submitted by Kenyatta Williams
    The Prophet's Candle by Daniel - submitted by James
    Proposal of Knowledge by Doutimiye Imomoh - submitted by Martins
    Until & Forever by Timm McCann - submitted by Eve Hall
    Billy by Albert French - submitted by Devonne
    Living Life Without Loving the Beatles (A Survivor's Guide by Gary Hall - submitted by Keith
    Charles Drew: Pioneer of Blood Plasma by Linda Trice - submitted by Martin Twisell
    The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah - submitted by Celeste Gordy, Precious Jones, Tamika, Angique and Vertrell Bryant
    The Lonesome Bird's Treasure And Who Gives A Rat's Bottom by Lafalaise Luisperingne - submitted by Ronel Toussaint
    Healings by Runningdeer - submitted by Miss Davis
    B'More Careful by Teri Woods - submitted by Eleese
    IRS Revealed: Money for Sex by Elizabeth Klimas - submitted by Kiacox
    A Journey To Hell and Back by Charlotte Russell Johnson - submitted by Crystal
    True To The Game by Teri Woods - submitted by Tish
    Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins - submitted by Jarrett Kaufman
    Little House In The Woods by Garth Williams - submitted by Alyssa McIntosh
    Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora N. Hurston - submitted by Donyel Smith
    Why and How Women Are Exploited By Men by Tolu2
    IT by Harry Kel
    Lucy by Jamaica Kincaid - submitted by Apeu
    Black Men White Women: The Interviews by Carmen Ham - submitted by Jill Watkins
    A Stranger of Death by Judy Schlitt - submitted by Roy Greene
    Suddenly There by Judy Schlitt - submitted by Dale Greene
    Mandy by Julie Andrews - submitted by Sahron Goodwin
    Sister Sister by Eric Jerome Dickey - submitted by Sherita Nunn
    Revelations: The Years 2000 by Janet Markey -submitted by Corey
    Wild Horses by Dick Frances - submitted by Rachael Murphy
    Monstrous by Tommy Walker - submitted by Tommy
    A Dog's Life by Peter Mayle - submitted by Mike
    Grow Yourself Rich by Jay North - submitted by Jay
    Like a Fish on a Bike by Brahm Piterski - submitted by Karen Darby
    Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison - submitted by Martha Dawson
    Glimpse of Heaven/Return to Hell I Cannot Tell A Lie - The True Story of George Washington's African American Descendantsby Linda Allan Bryant - submitted by Ju Wells
    Zon by Gregory Morris - submitted by Devivia
    Stolen Moments by Barbara Fisher - submitted by Judy Selle
    The Banished God: Avatars by Chris Hughes - submitted by Tom Schaller
    Until by Timm McCann - submitted by Eve Hall
    Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodking - submitted by Joe
    Makeda's Soul by Naomi Makeda Lucas - submitted by Ms. Ingram
    Return to Glory by JS Gates - submitted by Michelle Bingham
    Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard - submitted by Eve
    Black Beauty - submitted by Anna Stevens
    The Inheritance by Louisa May Alcott - submitted by Lori
    Witness by Whittaker Chambers - submitted by Matt
    The Hobbit by JRR Volkien - submitted by Margaret
    To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee - submitted by Tony
    Daddy Was A Number's Runner by Louise Merriwether
    Your Blues Ain't Like Mine by Bebe Moore Campbell - submitted by Maggie
    The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk - submitted by Ife
    Log From the Sea of Cortez by John Steinbeck - submitted by Selma Singer
    Stuart Little and Charlotte's Web - submitted by Angie Hoke
    Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood - submitted by Angie Hoke
    The Horses Mouth by Joyce Carey - submitted by Carol